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Embark on weekly rendezvous with Sarah Grace and Katrina Jo on 'LETS GET INTO IT,' where their witty banter and insightful discussions about Relationships, Career, and Community make you feel like an honorary member of the friend circle. Join in for the perfect blend of personal stories, humor, and key takeaways that transform every episode into a captivating chat with your favorite confidantes. Because, let's be honest, listening to them spill the beans is the next best thing to having your BFFs on speed dial. Tune in every Friday – consider it your VIP pass to the ultimate friend-filled podcast experience.


Born and raised in Fremont, California, Katrina Jo has decades of experience in the Entertainment Industry between dance, choreography, hosting, and marketing.

She has worked with numerous brands and clients

such as the NBA, NFL, COMPLEX, LA Leakers, World Series of Beach Volleyball, Taste of Soul, Hennessy
Black, Grand Marnier Titanium, Reebok, BLOC Dance Agency, Glee, Missy Elliott, T.I, Ludacris, Mariah Carey, ULTRA Music Festival, Erewhon, Dr. Ghavami, HBO Max, BET, eBay, Moët Hennessy USA, and more! Katrina has been in the Spirits Industry + Entertainment Marketing for over 13+ years. She was a member of Team Moët Hennessy Los Angeles for 7 years where she facilitated brand outreach, event production, digital marketing, and driving culture. In 2022, Katrina joined the Moët Hennessy USA Brand Team in New York City as the Integrated Marketing Manager of Hennessy V.S and she currently holds the role of the Brand Activations and Experience Manager at Hennessy. Outside of her extensive experience in the Marketing industry, Katrina also wields a healthy entrepreneurial spirit and is the Co-Owner and Co-Host of the podcast FEDWORK Presents: LETS GET INTO IT which focuses on relationships, careers, and empowerment. She also sits on the Board of FACE (Filipinos Advancing Creative Education) where she drives initiatives and conversations around the Filipino community to help make a change and impact in today’s society.

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Born & raised in Michigan, Sarah graduated from WMU and moved to LA where she worked for nearly a decade at The MADE Group, a boutique investment group with holdings in fashion, hospitality, f&b, tech, entertainment, real estate, and more while also managing the VIP aspect of Nightlife for MADE most evenings. Concurrently, Sarah studied audio engineering and the music business and soon after, she put her two worlds together by launching a talent booking & management company, On Cue Agency. At the top of 2020, Sarah moved back to Detroit and started working in Real Estate and traveling whenever her schedule permitted. Sarah’s entrepreneurial spirit saw an opportunity and has been building This Life’s A Trip, a travel company, looking to launch Q2 of next year. Studying to become a sports agent, she is currently working as an athlete manager for Alliance, a boutique sports agency. Her full circle moment in the sports industry is what led Sarah to LA all those years ago. She is also the Co-founder and Co-host of LETS GET INTO IT podcast, which focuses on Relationships, Career, and Community. 

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